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Like most things I do...

……..this blog is a little late in arriving. Luckily the number of friends inquiring politely as to its whereabouts reached a critical mass and last night I sat down to dabble with HTML code for the first time. What this basically means is that I’ve been too much of a design snob all these months (it’s been approximately a year since my friend Hana’s blog inspired me to consider one) to use an off-the-shelf template, finding myself appaulled at the corporate style headings and gaudy patterned backgrounds. Despite all pretensions not to be, it turns out I am that dreadfully predictable architect: I like my web pages white.

So here it is. What’s it for? I seemed to have acquired a bad habit dating back to 2003 for moving to places where my friends and family aren’t. As soon as I settle I seem to pack my bags and move on. As a result I’m in possession of a spidery network of friends I’m hopeless at keeping in contact with. Now I’m at it again, this time embarking on a year of travel thanks to a generous grant from the University of California, Berkeley, where I have been doing a Masters for the last eighteen months. This should mean that there will be something interest on here from time to time, better at least than anything I had to report last year (stayed in the studio again until midnight, ate chicken curry from Julie’s Healthy Cafe, limited myself to two cups of coffee from Strada). There will be architecture stuff for those of you interested in my research and hopefully not too much of it for those of you that aren’t. Either way this blog is for the dear readers of it, so let me know how it is for you.

Meanwhile this debut posting is burdened with the challenge of summarising the last six weeks, which was made up of many hours in front of the computer and books in Texas during January (which, in the cowboy state, feels like perfect English summer), followed by a road trip across the South to favourite old haunts in Alabama in February. Original plans to go to Caracas in January were postponed in favour of sorting out first where I was going the rest of the year, who I was visiting and what exactly I was going to be researching (another post coming shortly). Old friends and new projects in Alabama served as a testing ground for a recently acquired video camera (!), interviews and experiments in how to record information as I’m ‘on the road’, as well as providing plenty of fodder for thought (another post coming shortly) as I get my project started. I’m back in Austin now, planning a two-week trip to New Orleans before flying out to Berkeley for the Structures for Inclusion conference and to poke my nose into the thesis studios in Wurster Hall, where the all-nighters are no doubt already in full swing. After that I will finally be leaving the country, heading for the great and glorious lands of Europe while the bank balance is still reasonably balanced.

This blogging thing is sort of fun.
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6:10 AM

Hello most angelic of creatures, It's Chlo! I'm so glad we now have a direct line into Lucybrainheart, even if it be electronic, better than the mere telepathy which I was relying on before (though i think our telepathiclove link is somewhat strong!)
Miss you lovely lucybegg, i just got back from a pretty mad conference in Spain on supporting victims of terrorism. I now know exactly how much you get from the UK government if your leg gets blown off. Great.
Lots of love, cx    

12:36 PM

hey lucy--
i just stumbled upon this. nice work! it was good to see you a couple of weeks ago.


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